Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I know. Thanks. Stop telling me.

I didn't post a link to the softball press release as soon as the information was released for several reasons.

1. It's over a month away, and people are forgetful.
2. It's on, which I assume you all read anyway.
3. I've gotten SO MANY messages asking if I saw the event. Yes, I saw the link, knew about it weeks ago. I don't immediately share everything I know on the blog; as some undercover readers know, I often don't say anything at all unless there's a press release or a major news story. :)

I love you guys, but please stop asking me to tell the blog about an ordinary, well-publicized event that is so far away. Based on the sheer number of messages I've received, you all know about it, so what's the point? ;)

[End grumps. It's been a bad quarter end at work and I'm waiting on a recheck of some abnormal labs and the dr's office is taking forever and I'm probably going to have to have an MRI and I really just want to go home and sleep, but I know I'll be here in the office until at least 6pm today. Boo.]

PS -- Sorry, Kati, this rant wasn't directed at you. I've just received an inordinate number of messages on this charity event and I'm clearly having a bad day.


amandaajwinc said...

Hope you're feeling better now that the weekend is here. :D

dan&dan said...

It's always good to treat your readers like this. Jeez.

Lauren T. said...

Usually, I treat my readers quite well. I've treated several of them to games, I've sent them programs and goodies in the mail, etc. The problem is when people get demanding over a free service.