Thursday, October 29, 2009

McCann Can Triple's Braves Pumpkin!

Thanks so much for sharing -- that's definitely better than I could have done! :)

Anyone have special Halloween plans this year? I'm going to a couple of parties and, because I'm feeling lazy, my costume is going to be wearing my new Snuggie and being a Snuggie Huggy Monster. Good times. :D


Crista Michelle said...

as of now, i have a busy halloween,
trick or treat at turner field
going to petsmart to look for a yorkie
trick or treating with friends
then bonfire :]
so excited ;]

McCann Can Triple said...

My pumpkin ;)

I wish I was still young enough to trick or treat. I remember when I went as a Brave player several years back (bonus points if anyone can guess the player)

This year I'll just stay home and watch a movie.

Ariana said...

Nice Pumpkin!!! You did a great job.... I didn't get to make one this year :( oh well...still got next year :)

flbravesgirl said...

Great job, MCT!

I will be spending most of Halloween in the car headed for our GA house. Usually we're up there for Halloween & I get pumpkins cheap at the produce market & carve several but the calendar didn't cooperate this year. No costume for me (though I did help my mom & sis come up with stuff to wear to work tomorrow).

slappywhite said...

I'll probably go out to a bar and watch the World Series here in Philly with all these Phillies fans.

I'll probably act like I am happy if the Phillies do well but inside I'll want the Yankees to win b/c I'm a hater.

Lauren T. said...

slappywhite, I know a guy in Philly who's cheering for the Yankees because he just can't handle the fans if Philly wins back-to-back. :D

slappywhite said...

You are not kidding. They are horrible. All bunch of bandwagon jumpers. There is a guy in my office who is 69 a fan his whole life, he was at the World Series game 5 last year. I was so happy for him b/c I know, win or lose he'll be back at the park each year. Most of these jokers won't.

I have friend who claims to love baseball and the Phillies. I used the term "bullpen" the other day and she didn't know what that was. After it was explained to her she asked me how I know so much about baseball. You would have thought I was explaining all the ways a pitcher can balk and not said, bullpen.