Monday, January 25, 2010

If they didn't go pro...

If our Braves weren't professional baseball players, what would they be? MollyG and I were talking about this on Meebo IM last week, and we came up with some fun ideas. I'll post ours here, and please post yours in the comments!


Yunie and Martin - Nightclub owners in Miami
Huddy - Stand-up comedy
Chipper - Working full-time on Commander
JJ - see below :)
Lowe - "That guy" in your office
Medlen - Motocross racer
O'Flaherty - The cute history teacher at a high school
Jo-Jo - Sanitation engineer
Billy Wagner - Tire shop owner
MattE - Youth minister, obviously
Schafer - You know Leo on That 70s Show? Yeah... Leo.

J.J. - toothpaste ad model
Kenshin - Ninja, couldn't resist
B Mac - Biology teacher, no clue why but he looks like one to me especially with the glasses
Brooks Conrad - Calvin Kline underwear model, thank you rookie hazing [LT: !!!]
Yunie and Prado - totally agree with you on the Miami club owners
Gonzo - Gangster, that's all I can think about when he wears those suits
Blanco - Latino Pop Boy Band member, no clue if he can sing he just has that cheesy smile
Chipper - Part time Mechanic, full time Nascar fan
MattE - Youth minister
Jordan Shafer - Eminem's protege
Peter Moylan - Tattoo artist
Tim Hudson - High School Baseball coach, I just don't see him away from baseball

Thanks for the idea, Molly! :)


Amy V said...

Ha! Very nice suggestions. For some reason, I could see McLouth as a farmer. Is that weird? That's weird.

Lauren T. said...

No, that's not bad! What kind of farm? Vegetables? Hogs? Alpaca, like Billy Wagner's farm?

MollyG said...

I tried to come up with one for McLouth but all that came to mind was "weird, creepy dude". Definitely not one of my favorites lol.

Amanda said...

I can definitely see DLowe and JJ as "that guy" ... too funny.

Peter Moylan would be one of the creepers featured on To Catch a Predator. No doubt about it.

Huddy - definitely see him as a high school teacher/baseball coach! Good call, Molly. Not so much the teacher but he'd be that teacher who teaches just so he can coach. His class would be like..PE or ag or something lol.

CABravesFan said...

Gonzo would totally be that hot, slightly creepy bad boy that you can't resist on a Latin Soap on know, the one that walks around with his shirt unbuttoned half way down his chest and you try to look away but...
either that or a Latin ballroom dancer ;)

Amy V said...

The Scrubs fan in me wants him to be a Mexican apple farmer. Now that's weird. He likes sushi, right? Maybe he'd be a fancy organic farmer. I don't know, he just says farmer to me. :)