Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lizziebeth saw the Braves Caravan in Evans, GA!

In Lizziebeth's words...

There wasn't much to tell about this stop on the caravan. Jordan [Schafer] was a no-show - I talked with Beth, the PR person (who was rapidly tweeting about the event), and she said he had a family emergency. So Paul Assenmacher came in his place. I had no clue who he was until I googled him. Zane Smith was at least cheerful this time; last year he was such a sourpuss. Jim Powell is a shy-acting very nice man. He seemed really pleased to be a part of the whole Braves thing. Not as many people came as last year, but there wasn't much advertisement done, at least in the local paper. No one was left in line an hour into it.

Freddie was just the most laid-back, -kind- is the best word I can think of, at-ease person. I hope he stays that way. He signed everything, posed for pictures, really interacted with every person. I had asked CB Wilkins from Talking Chop if I could use a couple of pictures he had taken of Freddie since I didn't have my own; he graciously said yes. So as I handed the picture to Freddie, I told him that I didn't take the picture, but he might know who did. He smiled and said, "Oh yeah, I know who took this." So I said, "He told me to tell you that he's looking forward to seeing you in Spring Training in a few weeks." He said, "Well, tell CB that I'm looking forward to seeing him again too." I'm totally on the FF bandwagon. I better never find out he's really a jerk!

So we were getting ready to leave, and Homer comes riding by us on a bike - right up to the sliding exit door...which does NOT open. :D He stopped in time, but looked over at a sales clerk and wagged his finger, like, "ah-ha, your security does work!". Then he turned around, posed for some pictures, rode up to my brother-in-law and made fun of his balding head, then rode off.
Freddie 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

Homer on the bike :)

Thanks so much for sharing, Lizziebeth!!


CABravesFan said...


He just totally moved up on my list...nice guy, cute, wears glasses!!!, nice...ummm...yeah. ;)

cal ;) said...

freddie freeman's chin totally rivals jay leno's! but cute story about him. :)

flbravesgirl said...

Thanks, Lizziebeth!

We're on the same wavelength again, CA.

McCann Can Triple said...

Holy heck, I was in Evans as well. went through the line twice. Got my picture with every guy.

McCann Can Triple said...

Here are my pictures if anyone cares. :P


Joey said...

Schafer had to be hung over.

Lauren T. said...

Other sources say his grandmother was extremely ill, and he went to be with her. If I hadn't heard that from more than one source, I'd agree with you Joey.