Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Turner Field Open House

It was a pretty uneventful little day! Ran down to the stadium with B, saw Crista and her sis and Brendan and little B's dad, hung out with Lizziebeth and the other B for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of Bs, haha!

B and I pitched off the rubber in the bullpen, something neither of us had ever done at Turner Field. My cute catcher was laughing at me -- my pitches were either in the dirt or he was leaping for them. Hey, I never said I was good! I'm a great spectator, but I'm really bad at sports. :D A guy said he'd take pics of us, but they didn't focus and they all came out like this. Sad.

Here's the bullpen phone!

A guy did the worm around the bases instead of running the bases. That's a really long way to do the worm, y'all.

New art is going up on the outfield wall: This is Braves Country

Going to try to go on Friday for the Exhibition game, and I got my (horrible) tickets for Opening Day! I'm SO ready for this season to start!

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