Wednesday, March 10, 2010

McCann going to bat for childhood cancer

Out of what felt like hundreds of Google alerts to wade through, this is the only article I felt was worthy of a mention. What a good cause!

When Brian McCann hits a home run this year, he'll have the satisfaction of knowing that his power is helping both the Braves and the fight against childhood cancer.

Through his relationship with the Rally Foundation, McCann has established a program called the McCann 16 Home Run Challenge. The program allows fans to pledge varying amounts of money that will be donated each time the four-time All-Star catcher homers this season.
More info here: (Hee, look how young and thin!)

If you aren't currently giving to a charity in one way or another (time, money, whatever works for you), this seems like a good one with which to involve yourself. The suggested Double A donation recreated from last years numbers would only be a $33.60 donation, which is doable for most people on an annual basis. And of course, more donations help more kids! :)


flbravesgirl said...

One more reason to love Mac. Sadly I don't have money to give at this time but I would if I could. I lost a young cousin to cancer several years ago & it was heartbreaking.

slappywhite said...

You are right Lauren, I can swing a few bucks for something like this. I'm gonna sign up.