Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picture Page

McCann was so excited about his title that he went onto eBay and typed, “championship wrestling belt” into the search window. Then he bought one. For $350.

“There were a ton of them, ranging from $350 to $15,000,” said McCann, who apparently went on the cheap. “Every year I have the worst team. So I knew if I ever won the championship, I was going to let everybody know it.”

The word “wrestling” was on the belt. So McCann had somebody grind it down. Then he replaced it with the letters, A.B.F.L. (Atlanta Braves Fantasy League). You see, he’s not low-keying this. The belt sits on top of his dressing cubicle at spring training. I’m pretty sure it can be seen from China.
Full story here. Thanks for the tip, Amanda!:D


Let's discuss some of the team photos that are already available, shall we? :)

Bobby Cox -- Last portrait as a Braves manager, so they say. He looks happy!

Chipper - one bat per hand. Can any Chipper fans verify whether the bat he's holding in each hand is the one he uses to bat with that hand? (Did that make sense?)

Omar -- Really liking this shot.

JJ -- This is his sexy stare, isn't it? Heh.

Baby -- He's looking like a grown up this year, and not a skeezeball! Awesome.

Glaus -- This might be the most posed, uncomfortable portrait of a hot man I've ever seen. :)

Moylan -- Wardrobe malfunction! Intentional or didn't anyone notice??

MattE -- Giving great Mean Face.

Tommy Hanson -- Still looks like a Wahlberg to me!

Last and best, Huddy is brilliant. He's a pitcher, right? ;)


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CABravesFan said...

Best. Pic. EVER! :D


Yes, lauren, I think Chipper's bats are in the right hands...

I never thought of JJ as sexy until that pic...yum!


Did anyone else notice they were all using a bat with #31 on it, which, if I remember correctly, was Grag Maddux's number?

Lauren T. said...

Yeah, CA, I tweeted about the #31 weirdness a few days ago -- makes no sense to me at all! (And yes, Mad Dog's #)

flbravesgirl said...

Oh, I love that. He needs an ominous theme song playing with that pic. :-D

And I can just hear Huddy giggling all through his shoot.

slappywhite said...

Why does that picture of Mr McCann just make me smile?

Lauren T. said...

Maybe because he looks like he's had a beer or two? :D

MollyG said...

Tim Hudson = Love