Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Capitol Cox

I've been on vacation for my birthday (yesterday! new decade! yay!) so I'm sure you've all heard about Bobby Cox being honored at the Capitol. I loved seeing the pictures on Talking Chop, especially this one:

First: How did Huddy, Rossy, and Baby make the cut? I asked a friend last night and she replied, "They're the only ones who said yes," to which I replied I think they're the favorites. You know some of the young guys (Meds) would have jumped at the chance to hang with the Skipper at such an important event.

Second: Baby, why's your hand in your pocket? Are you hiding your left hand for a reason? Did someone forget his ring?? Good thing Twitter's around to prove me wrong -- this pic shows he's a good boy and was wearing his ring that day. I need to be less cynical, I guess.

Third: "Cocks" cake story, hee hee. (whole pic from the AJC)

Congrats, Bobby!


flbravesgirl said...

Don't they look snazzy? Except that I think ties would be preferred at the Capitol, catcher-boys.

Lauren T. said...

Yeah, seriously. Especially Rossy -- this isn't Night at the Roxbury.

Amanda said...

Baby looks cute. Ross is a creep. Dislike x 10 million.