Saturday, May 15, 2010

We met Martin Prado today!

My cousin Emily went to the Braves game with us last night (great pictures like these on the way!), and after the exciting bottom-of-the-ninth win, we talked about going down to the CNN Center for Marteen's autograph today before hitting up the Georgia Kite Festival. I'm not big on autograph opportunities, and today's experience is exactly why.

The entire line seemed to be men seeking autographs, with a few women and kids mixed in there. As we moved up in the line, there didn't seem to be anyone asking for pictures with him, but a ton of people were taking pictures like this from afar. Luckily, a girl about 10 people in front of us asked for a picture so I didn't mind asking for one. If no one else had been, I wouldn't have asked for one either.

Marteen was gracious, but not overly sociable. He was not curt or rude at all (unlike some other players and former players I've worked with at charity events), but he did seem disconnected and/or tired. (He did have a big night last night, right? *wink wink*) We told him we were at the game last night and I thanked him for winning the game for us, and he quietly replied, "Thank you for being there." He quickly signed our ticket stubs, his page of the souvenir program, and a baseball card (a gift from my friend Steven, who runs Gushue Cards). I asked if he would mind a picture, and he said "of course not," again very quietly, but friendly. We thanked him after the picture, he thanked us, and moved on to the group behind us.

The process was like a well-oiled machine. If we spent more than 90 seconds with him, I'd be surprised. If he remembered us 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 30 days later, I'd be surprised. This is just what happens at this sort of event, and that is why I don't usually go. It wasn't a bad experience at all, and I would say it was worth our time to go, but I'd rather volunteer at a charity event and have a real conversation with a Brave or a Brave's wife than stand in line for 30 minutes for 90 seconds of thank yous and a signature that proves I met someone.

So, it was a good day. We're glad we went and I'm glad my perception of Marteen didn't seem to be wrong. :)

ETA: I have to mention his plaid shirt... I was in the clubhouse store when he arrived (early! and started signing early!), and his shirt was perfectly fitted without looking too metro or too lumberjack. But... it was unbuttoned to the tomahawk area. When I got to where my cousin was holding our spot in line, I joked they made him put on a jersey to cover up. ;) Hey, I didn't hear any complaints! :D


katie said...

Aww I love Nitram! He seems like one of the nicest players on the team

Ariana said...

Awww...amazing pics. Martin Prado..very nice ;)

Amanda said...

I <3 him. Glad he seems as sweet as he looks.