Monday, June 7, 2010

Brooks Conrad wins Pepsi Clutch award!

Conrad was voted Major League Baseball's Clutch Performer of the Month presented by Pepsi for the month of May. He received 43 percent of the votes, easily outdistancing Philadelphia's Roy Halladay, whose perfect game on May 29th helped him finish second with 19 percent of the vote. Others receiving votes included Minnesota's Justin Morneau (17 percent), Texas' Vladimir Guerrero (8 percent), Tampa Bay's Rafael Soriano (6 percent) and Oakland's Dallas Braden (5 percent). article

Way to go, Brooksy! I voted my fingers off, not thinking you could make it past Halladay's perfecto, and look! You did! That's awesome.

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flbravesgirl said...

Yay, Brooksie! One of the best games I've ever been to ( & I've attended some doozies).