Wednesday, June 9, 2010


source: ESPN The Magazine May 17, 2010

Now...I've heard a lot of stories. I've seen some things with my own eyes. I know there are some good guys and I know some guys would cover for their boys to keep them out of trouble. The bottom line for me is, I'd never mess with another woman's husband. EVER. That line should never be crossed. I don't care who he is or how much money he has or if he came on to me, it doesn't matter. Unless the divorce papers are final, no way.

And even then, I'm pretty sure I'd never consider getting with a baseball player. I don't want to have to worry about the 19-year-olds hanging out in the hotel lobby when my husband's out of town, the bouncing tube tops at batting practice, or the girls who wait outside the player parking lot so they can try to get his attention while I'm right there. Ugh, no thanks.

If any of the Wives are reading this, I wish you the best. It's a difficult path, and I hope you know that while I love my Braves as a whole and I jokingly throw around the words "love" and "boyfriend", I would never ever want to take one of your husbands away. Real life love is too serious, and I believe in karma.


Marea said...

Lauren, this is why I always say it's better to be a baseball mistress than a baseball wife.

All joking aside, I totally agree with you. E! True Hollywood Story did a pretty good show on baseball wives, you should catch that sometime.

I'd like to thank the baseball wives for sharing their husbands' hotness with us, and for putting up with all of us that have crushes on their husbands... Even when we have our own.

Marea said...

PS. Lauren: I hope we can keep things civil as our boys have a rematch of the 1991 World Series this weekend.

I will be there Sunday to watch what I hope to be a fantastic game.

Lauren T. said...

1. Mmmmmauer...

2. I would LOVE to see Morneau try to pull Hinske off the bag, because you know Hinske would just immediately start fighting him. ...And win. :D

3. I'm really looking forward to this series! :)

Super Duper Sarah said...

Great post! And I completely agree with it. While I may be ~in love~ with Tommy Hanson, and joke around about actually marrying him someday, if I ever found out he was seriously seeing someone, that's it. I'd be done. I'm a bit of a jealous person, so I can't imagine how a player's wife must feel when she reads different things or even sees those scantily clad girls try to get the attention of THEIR husbands at the ballpark. I can't imagine who would even do that kind of stuff when they knew the guy was actually married.

The amount of respect I have for baseball wives (who, from what I've read, are pretty much awesome in every way) is unbelievable. I just can't imagine how they handle this kind of stuff. :)

CABravesFan said...

I think the women that marry baseball players have to be a very tolerant group. Part of what goes into being an athlete's wife (not just baseball, but they are on the road a lot longer...) is knowing that there will be women throwing themselves at your husband with no regard to you. You can either accept it and decide to trust your husband (or trust that he will at least be descreet) or find someone that won't cheat on you. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but sadly, I think that is the reality for a lot of baseball wives (not all, mind you- I know there are plenty of good guys out there that wouldn't even think of cheating...Ahem, MattE! ;) )

Anonymous said...

Well it is good to see your morals. I definitely respect that. Very interesting article though. Great read!