Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jenna went to the Celebrity Alumni Softball game!

Here is her picture album, and here are her stories. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

The beginning of the game was really fun. It was cool to see so many old players, especially people I loved like Steve Avery, Sid Bream, and Dale Murphy. Greg McMichael still looks exactly the same as he did when he pitched. I wasn't all that interested in the celebs that were playing. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time. The teams were Sid's Sliders (captained by Bream) and Murph's MVPs (captained by Murphy). Sid's Sliders (the red jerseys) seemed to have more talent on their team. Brian Jordan was way into the game and played the entire middle infield. :) They also had a couple celebrities that were pretty good, like Chris Fryar from the Zac Brown Band and Daniel Cudmore from Twilight. Sid Bream hit the first home run, which was pretty awesome. After a few innings, the red team was up 9-2.

So it was all going well at the beginning. Our Katy Temple provided random commentary and interviews throughout the game and would occasionally talk to "Commissioner Schuerholtz." Murphy and Bream had on mics as well, which was just random sometimes because you could only hear half a conversation. After a while, Bream and Murphy started talking about a trade. There's lots of discussion with them, OKT, and the commissioner. Then suddenly Schuerholtz announces there will be a trade - straight up between Bream and Murphy. So Bream is now the captain of the MVPs and Murphy is the captain of the Sliders. Yeah, I don't know!

At the beginning of the game, they were told not to slide because they weren't supposed to mess up the field. Larry Wachs slid into second, so Schuerholtz took 5 runs away from the red team making it 4-2. Then Larry argued, especially because TWO white team players slid in the next half inning with no penalty, so Schuerholtz took another point away. That's kind of when I started getting annoyed. Rules are rules and should apply to everyone. (Yes, I realize it's a celebrity softball game, but it wasn't fair!) It just became a circus after that. A couple times it felt like neither team had a full team on the field. There were more antics and side conversations than play.

The highlight was Otis Nixon's HR. He wasn't even there at the beginning of the game (at least I don't remember him being announced, but he came out and shot one over the left field wall. Dale Murphy signed the ball afterward, and Nixon said he was going to auction it for charity. It was really cute.

The game ended 5-5 after 6 innings, but really it was 11-5 Sliders.


flbravesgirl said...

Thanks, Jenna!

Nice socks, Murph.

Nicole said...

Looks like fun. Just stopping by to say hi.

Lauren T. said...

Welcome, Nicole! I've seen The Life of the Baseball Wife blog - I meant to link it up in the sidebar here earlier. The ladies here love your stories. :)