Sunday, June 27, 2010

Late! Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Rays 6-16-10

(one of the best pics ever! click for wallpaper-size)

This will be an abbreviated post, because honestly, I don't remember much from 11 days ago. :) Here's the full album, and here are some videos:

Bullpen run during batting practice:

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to Huddy:

Braves win! Love Glaus' arm height. :D


flbravesgirl said...

Lowe & his Mini-me.

I've noticed Troy always does the extra-high-high-five.

Lauren T. said...

I think Glaus just likes being one of the tallest guys on the team and watching guys like Gregor have to hop to reach his hand. ;)

flbravesgirl said...

Oh yeah, he's purposely doing it. Medlin has to jump.

cal ;) said...

oh man, i never realized what a giant d-lowe is until i saw that picture!