Sunday, August 8, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Giants 8-7-10

It's Saturday afternoon, I'm trying to get the pics and videos from the night before edited because I know you all want to see them (on top of the usual Saturday errands and activities like prepping my 3-year-old Sunday School lesson and catching up with my family after the insane week I've had), when I get a message from B's bud Greg from Birmingham, asking if I want to go to the game. Uh, of course! When do I not want to go to the game?! I have to have an amazing reason not to be at the Ted. :) He and Joey weren't going to be in until around 6:00, so we couldn't see batting practice, but the tickets were primo thanks to G's dad, who knows Sara Evans. We were in the top row of 101, right behind home plate. Thanks, Greg's dad! Amazing view, and it allowed me to order The Hammer for dinner, which was worth every bite of $11. (...Okay, I ate all the sandwich. The boys ate the rest of my fries. It's a lot of food, to me.)

Before the game, we were treated to a video of MattE being awesome. I'm sorry the sound quality is so horrible - maybe I can get a better version of this vid later, because I certainly didn't get the whole thing, but at least you can watch his face for now?

We were also treated to four Braves competing against each other in the Closest to the Pin contest! This is unusual; they usually have one Brave and three fans. Of Brooks, Moylan, Rossy, and Wags, who do you think won? :)

A few things worth looking at...

- The #47 in Monument Grove was gated off for now. Here's a closeup of the plaque beneath.

- #47 takes his rightful place with the other retired numbers.

- The Hannah Montana bag is missing! Dunn is just carrying regular grocery bags of treats to the bullpen. So disappointing. I have a Cinderella lunchbox if you guys need it? Just let me know. ;)

- Hinske getting hit. :(

- Huddy's awesome Jumbotron pic. Love it!

- The Ted going nuts for Billy Wagner:

- The final pitch:

There are a few pics of the Sara Evans concert in the full album, here. I'm not a huge fan of country music, so I'm not upset we only stayed for five or six or seven songs, but she was very talented and I enjoyed what I heard much more than I expected.

The album only has 30 pictures. Sorry, gang, this really was last-minute. I'll be back on Friday for my little brother's birthday and if all goes as planned, I'll have BP pics this time around! :)

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