Sunday, August 29, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 8-28-2010

This weekend is my dad's birthday, so I took him to the Braves' Daddy-Daughter Day for his birthday gift! Here we are with a one of our shirts, and we had the best time watching the Braves trounce the Marlins 12-3. We didn't parade the field with the group -- as I said last time, don't plan on doing that again until I have kids, and Deddy agreed it's fun for them but why would we want to do it again?

Because we stayed in the shade of terrace level during BP and in the nosebleeds during the game, I didn't get many great pictures. I'll post a few links below and the videos I took. Dad didn't mind -- they're all good times to him! Sound familiar? ;)

- Farnsy's ankle (...I don't know what this is)

- I think he's only gonna be here a few weeks, but if you want to buy his shirt, go for it.

- Hanson waving at a fan

- Rossy signing autographs after BP

- Wes Helms' son in BP, being watched over by Chris Volstad (so cute!)

- Will Ohman!

- I still think it's funny when guys put random stuff in their back pockets.

- Brooks, catching the ceremonial first pitch! Nice job there.

- OK, why are Medlen and Chipper only on the 15-day DL? If we put them on the 60-day, we could have kept Kimbrel up here permanently. Am I missing something here?

- This rained on us briefly.

- Hinske's mug shot isn't very flattering, Rossy's definitely is, and D-Lee's is middle-of-the-road. He could look better or worse. ;)

- Medlen! In the dugout! Arm contraption!

- Oh yeah, I was walking back from talking with Alison when Huddy got his 1500th career strikeout, so I totally missed it. BOO. But Alison's totally awesome, and you should look at her blog. She gets some great pics! Here's an historic Huddy K pic (lame-o) and I really liked this post-game quote from Rossy (and look, he didn't use the word "grind"!):
“I came up here and watched an inning (in the clubhouse). I heard them say he struck out eight or nine, a high since whenever, and I went back out. I was calling the game for strikeouts to be honest with you. I wanted him to get as many as possible.
Hey, good for him, helping Huddy reach a career high. :) That's a valuable member of the team, right there. Here's Huddy's 1500th K (caught by Mac), and here's the Braves' official video of Huddy's 13 Ks.

Were Rossy & EO racing? Just doing sprints? I was going to say I like it when the whole bullpen runs together, but this was a nice change. :) Love EO covering his head when he knows the ball's coming! ha!

MattE's home run plate-touch and high-fives

Hinske's home run plate-touch and high-fives

Let's Groove!! Listen to how Southern I sound when I'm joking around with my dad, haha! It comes out more when I talk to him than any other time. :)

*video of Huddy's 13 Ks on the jumbotron deleted by some mystery Powers That Be, sad face*

Good game, good game. Pat him a few more times, Rossy. ;)

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Alison said...

Thanks for the shoutout. :)

The videos are cracking me up!
Such excessive patting, there, Rossy!!

AND! You got a video of the HUG between Martin and MattE. I got a photo of them halfway into the hug... :)

Love it, love it, love it! We're gonna have to go to a game together, soon!