Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pranking KJ

I watch MLB Network's Quick Pitch while I get ready for work in the mornings, and this clip from yesterday's AZ/SD game totally made my day...

Can any Diamondbacks fans help identify the pranky players? I'm still laughing over them cracking up and fist-pumping at former Brave Kelly Johnson going up to bat to The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men". That's just brilliant! KJ seemed to take it in stride, too -- good for him. :)

ETA: Ah, Twitter's a wonderful thing...

@dbackswriter "It's Raining Men" played a 2nd time when #Dbacks Johnson came to plate. Payback certain to follow.
@dbackswriter Mystery solved: Mastermind of the "It's Raining Men" prank on #Dbacks Kelly Johnson was Adam LaRoche.
@dbackswriter LaRoche said it was payback for something Johnson did to him earlier this year and said "I'm not done yet." #Dbacks

ETAA: Picked up by Deadspin! Two more videos here, hat tip @ajcbraves.


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That's great! Seems Rockey just likes to get everyone. And he's fairly good at it!