Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First day of the '10-'11 Off-Season

Working on yesterday's gameday images now... more to come soon. Hope you're all holding up well today. Love you, lovvies! Thanks for all the messages in the last 18 hours. :)


samantha said...

I've been so sad all day. All my friends and co workers were consoling me. I have that same Bobby pic that I tool at the game. Can't wait to see your pics. -Tristan

Ariana said...

Yeah, its sad. Wish I were seeing the Braves play the Phillies, instead of having to see the Giants play Philly in the division playoffs.

Oh well, it was a good season. Next year will be better for them :)

cal ;) said...

bright side? at least we have fredi to look forward to as manager, and eddie still in the bullpen! :)

and now we can officially begin the countdown to spring training.