Monday, October 18, 2010

I ♥ Fredi

Ladies (and the three gents who read), we have a new manager! I've been calling this one since Bobby announced his retirement, and couldn't be happier that Fredi Gonzalez is the new Braves skipper. I had the pleasure of a little conversation with Fredi at a golf tournament at which I was volunteering a couple of years ago -- I was on the committee of this particular tourney, and he stopped me on the way to my car to tell a funny story about an item in the swag bag all the celebs received. I'd never spoken with him before, but he was so easy-going and funny, I immediately went from "oh crap, is everything okay; is he upset?!" mode to "haha, this guy is hilarious!" He gained a fan that day. :)

I'm sure you've all read all the articles on and in the AJC, so here are some pictures of the cutie new boss man. Do they sell #33 shirts yet?

(source) (love this)

Welcome aboard, Fredi! SO happy you're back! ♥


Alison said...

Fredi Cheerleaders!!

Lauren T. said...

Yeah baby!

flbravesgirl said...

Very happy about Fredi being the new skipper. He has a wonderful smile, doesn't he? He twinkles.