Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"That's a bad question, next?"

We don't usually see a media Q&A that stays on air this long, and even though I wasn't planning on spending any extra time on Brooksy's end-of-season miscues, I loved the way MattE defends his teammate to the media in this post-game interview from 10/10/10...

And to lighten things up, I'm staying with my hilariously cute cousin Emily tonight while her mom's staying with our Grammy, and this is our conversation on who everyone is in/around the video...

Me: That's MattE - with the Jeremy Camp at-bat song.
Em: Ohhh, he's cute.
Me: Right? and I never hear anything bad about him. You know...
Em: NICE. So who's he talking about?
Me: Brooks Conrad.
Em: Wait, is he Red Beard* or Pretty Eyes?
Me: Um, this one. [had FB open in a different tab, showed her this pic, which she was just looking at last night]
Em: Oh, Dip Man!
Me: [cracks up] ...I'm putting that on the blog.

Nicknaming everyone is a familial trait. :D

*h/t - Thanks for the pic, Alison. She also loves Beachy and Lowe thanks to some other shots on your blog. ;)

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Alison said...

hahaha, no problem. I've got more where that comes from. :D