Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tim Hudson: Comeback player of the year!

from the 2007 Braves pet calendar

Congratulations, Huddy!!

AP article, via the AJC article

I'm sure y'all have already read those, so here's a fun Huddy story from the Canadian Press that you may not have seen...
PROJECT RUNWAY: Braves pitcher Tim Hudson was preparing for Atlanta's flight to San Francisco for Game 1 of the NL division series when he realized something.

"Oh my God," he said, staring at the suit hanging in his Turner Field locker. "I don't have a shirt!"

Hudson promptly disappeared for about five minutes before coming back with a light blue gingham-check shirt — probably from his suitcase. He then held it up to his suit, which was beige with light blue pinstripes, and looked for approval.

"This looks OK, right?" Hudson said to closer Billy Wagner, who has a neighbouring locker. "Will this work?"

"You'll pull it off," Wagner responded. "You've got the whole redneck thing going, you'll be all right. Rookies!"

"Playoffs, man," said Hudson, back in the post-season for the first time since 2005. "I don't have a shirt!"

Hudson, who won the NL comeback player of the year award Tuesday, was just lucky reserve outfielder Eric Hinske wasn't at his neighbouring locker. The 6-foot-2, 235-pound Hinske keeps a dozen dress shirts in cleaner's bags in his locker at all times, figuring the clubhouse is the only time he will need one.

The 6-1, 174-pound Hudson likely is too small to borrow one from Hinske, and probably wouldn't have found much sympathy on that side either. The proud Hinske calls his shirts stash a veteran move.
Now...someone tweeting from the AJC account (don't know if it was Carroll or DOB in the clubhouse yesterday) has this to say about the shirt...
Hudson forgot his dress shirt today for the trip. Visiting clubhouse man John Holland to the rescue. Came through with a blue Gingham shirt.
Oh well, as long as he had one, right? Right. :D

Best wishes for a wonderful post-season and a fantastic 2011, Huddy! Lovvies, thanks for reading. Here's a prize: your favorite Huddy pic of the year. Cheers!

From the 8-2-10 game, parade on the field


Jessica said...

Heh. Rookies :) I <3 Huddy and Wags!

CABravesFan said...

In what world is Huddy 6'1?? It would have been even better if he had been forced to wear one of Eric's shirts ;)

(And just an fyi, it was Carroll that was in the clubhouse at the time)

Lauren T. said...

I figured it was Carroll, that's why I made the note - DOB wouldn't tell us a tidbit like that. ;) And yes, I'd LOVE to see the entire process of Huddy getting into one of Ske's shirts... from asking permission to actually putting it on to his catwalk afterwards. :D