Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have an extreme number of Braves t-shirts

And yet, I am always looking for more. What is wrong with me? Hee. I have one more tee in the laundry, two pink Braves fleece jackets, an official Braves warmup jacket ("one the players wear!", supposedly), and all sorts of accessories. It's an illness, really. :D

I'd love a real BP jersey, though. I swear, I'd wear that to every game. I don't want to buy one, though; have you seen how much the MLB shop charges for jerseys?! I do not have that kind of money. :D That, and I've pretty much stopped buying/wearing shirts with players' numbers on the back. They always leave, and then I'm sad and stuck with a MattE shirt and I never even met him. I'd wear a numbered shirt if it was a gift! Oooh, or a gifty BP jersey! Yay. My birthday is May 4.  ;)

Seriously, I need to go pack these shirts up now. Just thought y'all would be amused at them. :) Stop procrastinating, Lauren!!

(PS - The Esco shirt was $5 after being caught in a rainstorm this year. I didn't like him enough to buy one of his shirts while he was still here.)


CABravesFan said...

Those should be in a box... ;)

Alison W. said...

I like how you had to clarify that you didn't actually like Yunel enough to buy his shirt. :P

Lauren T. said...

Hey, I bought his shirt over KK's... how's that?

Yunie always amused me, but to buy his shirt? No. Shirt purchases are reserved for Infinity Hearts. (Several of the shirts here are freebies, including Mr. Smoltz and several of the McCanns. Yes, I have 5 McCann shirts. I have an explanation.)

Rena said...

I buy the kid sized jerseys in XL. And I have no shame in admitting it!

Lauren T. said...

My friend Chicago Jen does that!