Friday, March 25, 2011

Beachy wins!

As it stands now, Brandon Beachy has made it into the Braves 2011 rotation. SO EXCITING!! I heart Beachy. This is going to be an awesome addition to our rotation, and I'm glad MikeMinor can keep working every day in Gwinnett to sharpen his stuff. We may need him too - you never know. :)

Speaking of MikeMinor, did y'all read this in the AJC about DLowe taking him under his wing? That both cracked me up and concerned me a little -- I didn't really envision them as a compatible personality match, but heck, what do I know? :D

And speaking of fun personalities, I love it when they mic up good guys like our new manager Fredi. Check out this video from FSS! (Especially loved when he joked with Jonny about backing up third base, and Rossy kidding with him about liking Mac better...)

...And speaking of Rossy, while prepping for this post I realized I had three pics of Rossy open to share with you guys and no pics of anyone else. Why is that? I must be on a Rossy kick lately... maybe it's his scruffy beard. I like it. Anyway, enjoy these!

Another pic from the AP... this one of Freddie's new haircut. This is supposed to be an improvement over his old hair, yes? ;)


Finally, from Eric (not his)... an eBay auction featuring BMac. Slightly dirty. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)


James said...

That pic of Rossy fist bumping the kid in shades is sooo cute!

(And is it wrong that I would totally buy the Mac light switch cover? Up...down...UP! :D )

CABravesFan said...

DAMMIT! That was me! Forgot to log out the boyfriend again >:(

Jessica said...

Cutest fist bump ever! And I have no words for the light switch cover :)

Lauren T. said...

CA, I got really excited that one of my gays was finally commenting publicly... darn it. :D