Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two preseason gameday posts on the way

In the meantime, please enjoy some Eric Hinske and Miley Cyrus...

I was literally holding my breath and couldn't hold it at the very end. Ske can't keep a straight face and neither could we. :D

Dear Braves Vision: LOVE THIS. More please! Thanks and loves, Lauren


Crista Michelle said...

1. Epic.
2. I'm so happy that they seem to be playing songs I've heard of this year. I'm still excited about Katy Perry beating Jutin Bieber

Alison W. said...

There weren't enough small children (re: teeny bopper girls) there for Justin Bieber to have a chance of winning.

Also, I TOTALLY disapprove of these song choices. Except Lady Gaga. She's the only one that has any real talent. ;)