Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will you join the Braves Country Club?

As most Braves Love readers know, Chop Talk - the former Official Fan Magazine of the Braves - has gone out of business. I loved their insider pics and stories but I understand how it could have happened. With so many MLB players on Twitter posting their own pictures and stories, the PR department really being on the ball, and so many fans with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts, by the time a print magazine comes out, the stories have already been told and the pictures have already been seen. The interviews aren't usually new news because everyone's so careful about what they say in the press. It's sad, but it all makes sense.

I emailed the editor of CT tonight, and he said if you had a Chop Talk subscription, they are issuing refunds based on how many issues you had left in your subscription. The check will be in the mail. I'll let you know when I receive mine. ;)

Chop Talk was not owned by the Braves, and the Braves have come up with an alternative for us fans: the Braves Country Club. You can join at braves.com/club for $19.99 or $29.99 annually -- see the options on the website.

I have spoken to a couple of fans who have already joined, and they say there isn't much up yet, but there are promises that there will be more up in the next few weeks. I haven't joined yet, but I plan to very soon. Let us know if you join, and what you think! Here are the things I'm interested to see...

  • If the name will remain the same. Right now I'm unintentionally reading it as the Braves "Country Club", not the "Braves Country" Club, which I know is how it's meant to be read.
  • If the digital content will rotate every month or if archives will be available.
  • I always thought the at-home and vacation pics in CT were fun and helped us remember the Braves are real people -- I hope those will continue.
  • I hope they remember that all the fans aren't men and we don't only want to read stats, stats, and more stats. There are plenty of sites out there for that. I don't want to pay $30 to read what I read in CT -- I could get that for free online (and more up-to-date)!


McCann Can Triple said...

I was so upset when chop talk was canceled. I didn't know you would have to pay for the new mag.... I don't know if I am. I loved chop talk for the articles about the player's home life and family and the interviews.

Lauren T. said...

And, it's not a print magazine, from what I understand. It's access to a website. And you get coupon codes. Hmm.