Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some extra Braves Bash videos

All courtesy 680 The Fan on YouTube...

Huddy Skyping. "That's right... War Eagle."

Round 1 of The Side Session. "Follow Murph. He tweets more than a Kardashian." Also, I can hear Alison's laugh clear as a bell when Meds mentions Chip's shorts. ;)

Round 2 of The Side Session. "Did you give 'em the dance yet?"

Rossy and Marteen Skyping. "Loooots of crying going on at my house. Usually me."

JHey Skyping. "I can't do golf. I can watch it on TV and do it on Playstation..." :)

Beachy Skyping. I love how starstruck some of these fans are.

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