Saturday, October 22, 2011

Former Braves in the 2011 World Series

Yes, it still hurts my feelings that my Braves weren't able to make it to the last series of the year. I'm feeling slightly better by cheering for former Braves in the Fall Classic. I put together a list off the top of my head - did I miss any?


  • SS Rafael Furcal (2000-2005) - I'm still calling him "Fookie" 11 years later. :)
  • RP Octavio Dotel (2007, only a part year - 7.2 innings) - I like his stripey socks up style.
  • SP Adam Wainright (made it to our AA club, then was traded in 2003) - Yeah, I know he's not on the playoff roster because of his surgery, but how do you not cheer for him?

  • RP "Michael" Gonzalez (2007-2009) - no one will ever forget "The Cobra". Those who've been reading this blog for a while will also remember his purse. ;)
The next three guys are 3/4 of the Mark Teixeira trade. Teix didn't lift our team to a World Series - or even get us to the playoffs! - and now look. All three of these guys have helped the Rangers go to TWO IN A ROW.

  • SP Matt Harrison (was in AA when traded in in 2007)
  • SS Elvis Andrus (was in high A when traded in 2007)
  • Closer Neftali Feliz (was in Rookie Danville when traded in 2007)

Guess we can just throw away pitching and shortstops. ;)

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