Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kimmie looks weird. And cute. And weird.

Photo via Infinite Energy on FB

My gas company is awesome, and I don't know how I forgot to share these pics before today. The weird part is seeing him in a logo-less uniform, but he pulls it off. (not literally) Look at the rest of the pictures from the shoot! Peach Blossom Photography (I looked around the rest of their website, and I really like this photographer!)

In other Kimmie news, this AJC article by Carroll was really nice -- With help from Wagner, Kimbrel puts blown save behind him -- while I loved hearing from Wags again, the part that really caught my eye was the end, where it said Kimmie got engaged last month! Aww, sweet. :)

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MollyG said...

Kimmie will always be one of my faves bc he's a Bama Boy. I love that he came to the game last weekend. Roll Tide Kimmie!