Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Answering the Mailbag, 11.18.11

I'm a few days late with my little off-season project! (Sorry, family stuff, job stuff, you know...)

Every time I read the Braves Mailbag on the official site, I always answer the questions in my head before reading Bowman's (real) replies. Woo! Let's go. Here's 
this week's mailbag...

Oh yeah, don't take my responses too seriously... :)

I see Mike Minor as only a No. 4 starter. Wouldn't it make sense to trade him now to capitalize on his value before he gets too exposed?
-- Brent W., Kailua, Hawaii

To repeat the first answer from last week, NO. NO ONE CAN HAVE HIM. EVER.

Why have Martin Prado and Jurrjens become expendable all of a sudden? They're both good and young.
-- Ryan B., Madison, Wis.

That last part: mmmph. Yeah they are. ;)

The first part, let's face it... unless you're a 10/5 player an organization will probably listen to offers for you. I don't want our 7-8-9 guys in the bullpen going anywhere, ever, but if the Yankees offered us Swisher for Eric O'Flaherty and a PTBNL... the Braves might take them up. I don't LIKE that scenario, but deals are always in the works and Wren is a sly fox. I don't think he'll make a DLowe-type offer again.

What role do you expect Kris Medlen to have next year for Atlanta? Do you see him ever being a starter again?
-- Zach M., Buchanan, Tenn.

Does it really matter? As long as Meds has a tomahawk on his chest I'll be happy. I just want him to be healthy and happy in whatever role they put him in.

Are the Braves going to give John Smoltz the respect he deserves and retire his number?
-- Brian E., Griffin, Ga.

Sure. Don't ask me when. Has he even filed his retirement paperwork yet? ;)

(I love that Bowman referenced the "homeboy upstairs" quote.)

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