Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey Lauren, why are you on the Rome Braves email list?

Because they email us pictures like this! :)

He looks the same.

I haven't been to see the Rome Braves yet, but when I go, I wonder if I'll be able to spot superstars like this. Maybe I should just see who the tiny skirts and shorts flock to, haha!

Also read today that our Kimmie got a couple of 5th place Cy Young votes. Wow.


Aaron said...

Being from Rome, I can tell you that the future superstars do stand out. Mike Minor stood out, as did J-Hey and Freeman. Delgado and Teheran definitely stood out when they were here, as did Vizcaino. Sean Gilmartin definitely stood out this past year when he was here briefly. The little kids definitely flock to those guys, but they also flock to just about any of them. The great thing is, those guys are very approachable and are friends with many of the season ticket holders. I know one family in particular who know a lot of the guys and the players sometimes bring their 8-year old son down to the dugout with them before games.

Lauren T. said...

Nice info! Thanks for sharing. :)

The little kids flock here in Atlanta, too - some of the guys are nicer than others.