Friday, November 18, 2011


I’ve been kicking around this idea for over a year, and it might be time to go ahead and get it going.

I’m thinking about moving the blog to a real website.

I’ve spoken with a web developer, gotten suggestions from a few web savvy friends, spoken with people who work in baseball, and they’re all in agreement that I need to move.

I’m having a hard time with the idea.

• Room for expansion
• I’m told ads won’t be intrusive
• I can actually earn a little money doing something I love
• Larger pictures and videos inline
• It’s easy to change my Twitter name, wouldn’t lose followers (theoretically)
• Already have the Tumblr set up under the new name
• Almost 1500 posts are in the archives here and all would remain available (including gameday photo albums)

• I have to change the name – can’t earn a profit on the Braves trademarked name
• Upstart and continuing cost
• Losing my search rankings
• New Facebook page - everyone would have to re-like
• Ugh, ads
• Learning a new platform
• How much longer am I going to blog? Is it worth moving after 5 seasons?

What do you think, friends? Would you follow Braves Love to a real website?


PizzaMan said...

I would. You are totally awesome and give me a look at our favorite team that is really fun.


flbravesgirl said...

Of course I would follow you. The name change is what bothers me the most but I understand why that's necessary.

Hmmm. My verification is "terable". Is that a sign?

Ariana said...

Lauren, honestly, where ever you go, I'll follow :)

The whole name change thing...that might be hard to get over, but its about the content, not the label. Do what you feel best. Either way, I'm sure we'll all be here to support you and the Braves :)

Lauren T. said...

The name change, I'm not excited about. It won't be drastically different, but if I keep "Braves Love" and monetize it, MLB Advanced Media will have a cease and desist in my hands within 3 months. I have that on very good authority. :)

Jessica said...

I'll definitely follow you wherever you go...even if I have to like a new Facebook page :)

Ultimately, you have to do what's in your heart. We'll support you no matter what that is <3

amanda said...

OK tried to comment on my phone the day this was published but it wouldnt go thru. Now that I'm on a proper computer I just wanted to say that you know I'll follow you anywhere! Good luck and I'll be there whatever you decide.

cal ;) said...

i'd follow anywhere, but i'd be super sad if you had to change the name, too. :(