Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Moylo, etc.

2011 home opener, one of my fave pics of Moylo
Thanks for the heads up, bud. :D
Moylo's tweet

Hope it's a wonderful day! Or...was. Since you already had your bday in Australia. You know. Also, Moylo. Did you know you share your bday with Britney Spears? You probably did, but my twitter feed is somehow full of more Britney bday news than your birthday, and that makes me sad.

More Braves stuff:

The Braves are asking for captions for this picture of Beardy Rossy. It pretty much has me speechless.

Go caption here.

There's a 10-minute interview with Kimmie here. Sometimes, when I see these interviews I want them to...I don't know, break out the Running Man or something. The well-rehearsed answers are safe, of course, but I prefer more candor.

This one's from last season, but I LOVE the backpack hanging in his locker. I especially love that he got the pink one. :)

And I'm sure you all saw this on, but Mac taking all the blame? No. No no no. There is plenty of offensive blame to go around, man. You're great. Next year will be fine. :)

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