Saturday, January 14, 2012

Definitely Moving

Hi Lovvies,

Everything is in the works to move to a "real" website. It'll be up before Spring Training, it's very pretty, and I hope you'll all keep reading. There's a lot more Braves baseball to watch!


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In other news...

- I saw Freddie Freeman and his girl in Midtown today - very random because I almost never to go this store. He looks slim. I didn't say hi; the parking lot was scary. :)

- The Notes section of this FSS article has some great info on what the Braves are up to this January. The first off-season mention of how Mac's thinner! I love that this is an annual thing.

- So happy Marteen signed on for another year, and Jack Wilson will return as well. For Braves fans who aren't familiar with Wilson, take a look at his video reel on His defense is quite impressive.

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Ariana said...

Yayy!! I'm excited for you, Lauren! I cannot wait to see the new site! It'll be amazing as always :)