Sunday, October 28, 2007

Braves License Plate

I'm not quite clear on the fine print of the Braves License Plate ordering information...

You may request this tag at your county tag office during the established application period (01-01-2007 thru 12-31-2008) with the $25 manufacturing fee per tag. Important: If the required number (1,000) of 'paid' requests is not received by the deadline (12-31-08), these tags will not be manufactured & the manufacturing fees will be refunded.

So...I'm supposed to give you $25 so you're sure I want a Braves license plate, even though you don't have a picture to show me...and I may or may not get a plate.

And if I do send in my deposit, and there are at least 999 other people who do the same, the plate won't be manufactured until after all the orders go in on 12/31/08. Which means I won't get a license plate until 2009?

Is that how you're reading this?

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