Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Braves Love Goes Shopping

I'm on the mailing list for the MLB Shop, and seriously, I love this hoodie.

Now, I don't particularly care for Alyssa Milano and I don't particularly care for hoodies, but I love the design and the ruffles. But $59.99 + shipping? I think I'm too poor for a $68 hoodie.

I already have a large amount of Braves-branded clothing and accessories. Granted, I'm a girl and I really like to have options to wear to the stadium, especially since I go to the games pretty often. I didn't realize how many Braves items I have until this morning, when I started listing them over at Chop Nation. (See the list after the jump...)

One pink Braves fleece

One pair of navy shorts with the Braves logo

One Braves visor (used to have two -- one was lost in the Toccoa/Ocoee river earlier this summer)

Two Braves caps

One Braves necklace charm

One pair of tomahawk earrings (that I can't find right now, boo.)

One John Smoltz #29 white tee

Two Brian McCann #16 white tees

One Brian McCann #16 red tee

One Brian McCann #16 navy tee

One red/white Braves logo tee

One blue Chief tee

One navy "Back to Back" '91/'92 tee

That's...a lot of Braves gear. I've been collecting it for quite a while, obviously, and...all the McCann shirts don't count. The red one I bought off the street at the end of '05, before the Braves were printing them. The Navy one was bought for my trip up to St. Louis, because I had to represent and couldn't wear red or white in Busch Stadium. And the white ones are for working out/sleeping, because they're promotional tees and the quality is really poor.

The pink Braves fleece is one of my all-time favorite pieces of clothing. First of all, it's pink. Second, it has the Braves logo stitched right on there! In pink! Third, it's the perfect weight for cool weather. I've had it so long and worn it so much that the poor seams have to be constantly repaired and the sleeves are dingy. I'm thinking of replacing it with this pink Braves fleece. Also $59.99, I think I'd get a lot more wear from this one than the navy AM one. Also? I wouldn't be giving Alyssa Milano any money.

Still "need": A Diaz shirt, a Moylan shirt, a silver Braves "A" car magnet, the Braves Crocs when they start selling them in adult sizes, and a real jersey of some sort. Oh, and the Braves sofa for my non-existent home theatre. :)


Leah said...

That's a lot of Braves gear. I hope to collect more myself as I don't have that much. But I do know that you can buy the adult size Crocs here. I got a pair right after they first came out in August. They're so comfortable, too!

Lauren T. said...

WOW, thanks, Leah!

If any family or friends read this, my half-birthday is November 4 and I wear a medium in Crocs. ;)

Leah said...

You're welcome! :)