Friday, October 19, 2007

GL: I Love the Red Sox

One of my lovely readers sent a wonderful, hilarious picture yesterday. I'll just link to it -- although everyone's fully clothed, it's a bit more...graphic...than the other pictures I've posted.

We've all heard about Manny being Manny, but what's Jonathan Papelbon's excuse?

Manny's all, "Josh, want to get in on this action?" And I love how Hideki, Lowell, and Papi have no idea what's going on.

(Much thanks to Spunky and her friend Jo.) :)

Readers, please feel free to share pictures and articles! You guys are awesome!


jo said...

jo here. ;-)

a slap on the caboose is fine, but to grab a handful of a teammate's "cash and prizes" is disgusting. then again, it is papelbon, so no surprise. *grin*

Lauren T. said...

Did you see JP warming up in the bullpen on Thursday night to "YMCA", doing the dance and everything? Or better, when his GM had to drag him off the field because he was Riverdancing in his underwear on the field?

He's insane. I love him.