Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy One-Month Birthday, Braves Love!

One of the most fun things about a new website is seeing how people find you. I’m very grateful to referring sites (most of whom are listed in the sidebar on the right) and to YouTube, which lets me upload videos for free.

But Google? Google is the best. These are the top 5 searches that send people to this site:

1. brian mccann engaged
2. ashley jarusinski
3. brian mccann fiance
4. peter moylan tattoo
5. atlanta braves wives

And I’m very amused that in the last three weeks, 104 unique visitors have found the site by searching for something related to Brian McCann or his fiancée.

Some other interesting search terms are below, with answers to the queries typed into Google. Bold words are the actual phrases typed into Google that clicked through to Braves Love.

Brian McCann-related

braves rookie hazing

• Part of me is sorry I don’t have any pictures of the ’05 Baby Braves rookies in dresses, but I don’t think I want to see it if it looks anything like what Kyle Davies was wearing. (I do wish I had a pic of whatever they made Pete Moylan and Yunel Escobar do this year.)

is brian mccann married or engaged?
who is brian mccann engaged to
is brian mccann engaged

• He is engaged to Ashley Jarusinski. Last I heard, he’s getting married the first weekend of December 2007.

what color are brian mccann's eyes?

• They are blue, and very pretty.

cute pictures of brian mccann

• Like this one?

mccann francoeur gay for each other
• No, they’re both engaged to women, remember? This is just an unfortunate picture that doesn’t indicate anything.

Other Braves

does jeff francoeur have any tattoos?

• Not that we know of. Think Smoltzie would still be friends with him if he did?

kelly johnson engaged
is kelly johnson atlanta braves married
kelly johnson and "wife" and atlanta braves

• I love how “wife” is in quotes, as if it’s sarcastic. Last we heard, KJ is engaged to Lauren Thacker.

is mark lemke the second baseman for the braves married

• Time warp! The Lemmer hasn’t been our second baseman in quite a while, but remember how awesome he was? Anyway, nothing in the bio sections of mainstream baseball websites / Wikipedia says he’s married, so I’m going with no.

choptalk+ron gant+heather

• There was an article on Ron & Heather Gant in Chop Talk, and there are some pictures here, from the photographer who did the photo shoot for the magazine.

matisse diaz baseball

• Someone’s got their Braves Babies mixed up. Matisse is Peter Moylan’s newest addition, and Baby Diaz’s name is Nathan.

buddy carlyle beard

• What kind of beard? ;)

Speaking of...

chipper jones gay

• Chipper is the least gay Brave, I think. Or maybe his aversion to everyone else’s blatant HoYay! means he’s the most gay Brave. (Except...really, probably not.)

is jeff francoeur gay?

• Jeff Francoeur is engaged to Catie McCoy. He’s not gay. At all.

kelly johnson braves gay

• I really don’t think KJ is gay.

wickman mccann gay

• Nooooo.

And to balance out all the gay talk...

mark teixeira and matt diaz christian
interview with matt diaz & mark teixeira on their faith

• Listen to an audio interview here. I also read an article recently where Matty said he would be a non-denominational pastor (like his dad) if he wasn’t a baseball player. Very interesting! I'll try to post that soon -- there were some other goodies in the interview.

And the bizarre...

husband away on business

• I...can’t help you there.

pervy naked pitchers

• There will never be pictures of that on this website.


• Yes, somehow, just a lower-case “L” typed into Google led someone to click a link to my site. I don’t know how that happened.

a picture of a love heart

How’s this?

Finally, the best ever!

jeff francoeur, peter moylan summer nights
at&t all star karaoke link atlanta braves
braves tim hudson song
jeff francoeur and pete moylan singing
summer nights francoeur
at&t all star of the game link turner field karaoke

I don’t think this will ever get old…

(Special hat tip to Jenny at Velcro Vernacular and Tommy at Corkscrew Swings for some of the awesome pictures! Thank you!)


JMU Dreamscape said...

That didn't work. Let's try a little html.


Lauren T. said...

WOW. Is that Devy and Chuck?

Leah said...

I believe that's Anthony Lerew and Kelly Johnson, but I'm not exactly sure.

Amy V said...

The one about McCann's eyes- that was me! I saw a couple of different pictures and was trying to figure it out- I got my answer- thanks! And you gave me plenty of stuff to read browsing through your posts so that I could procrastinate and avoid my homework. Double thanks! Keep up the entertaining work. :)