Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gold Glove Awards 2007

Way to go, boys! Love ya!

ATLANTA -- This has been a week that Jeff Francoeur will never forget. The Braves right fielder married his high school sweetheart on Saturday and was awarded his first career Rawlings Gold Glove Award on Tuesday.
When Rawlings announced this year's winners, it wasn't too surprising to learn Andruw Jones had earned his 10th consecutive Gold Glove. But for Francoeur, it was certainly a welcome surprise to learn that his cannon arm had allowed him to earn this coveted defensive award.

Because there was a tie in this year's ballots cast by managers and coaches, four National League outfielders were awarded Gold Gloves. Joining Jones and Francoeur were New York's Carlos Beltran and Philadelphia's Aaron Rowand.

Francoeur, who is currently on his honeymoon in Mexico, registered a career-best 19 outfield assists. This tied him for the Major League-high total with Chicago's Alfonso Soriano and Minnesota's Michael Cuddyer.

The Braves' 23-year-old right fielder played every game this season and committed five errors in 351 total chances.

Jones, who has won a Gold Glove every year since becoming the Braves starting center fielder in 1998, committed just two errors and compiled a .995 fielding percentage. His 401 total chances ranked second in the NL behind Rowand's 405.

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9:15pm ETA:

This quote, from the AJC, kinda bugged me:
Francoeur, 23, was on his honeymoon, and his voicemail message said he didn't take his cellphone with him and would not return messages until he got back in mid-November.
I know this was a big deal and all, but geez, leave the guy alone while he's on his honeymoon! And why does the AJC have his cell phone number? I'd be getting a new number if I were you, Frenchy.


Marc L said...

Major League Baseball requires each club to make their players available to the media (such as meeting the media in the clubhouse to talk post-game). Whether they want to talk or not is a different story. For a news organization, obtaining a players phone numbers is a relatively simple task; however, there are very strict guidelines on how those numbers are to be used by the media.

Lauren T. said...

That makes perfect sense, but I still think they could have waited until he returned from his well-publicized honeymoon to get a statement from him.

I think the media (in general) tends to forget that these guys are not just ballplayers, they're *people*, and they deserve occasional private time. (Especially in the off-season. Especially when THEY JUST GOT MARRIED.) :)

Anonymous said...

he has more than one phone folks...i'm sure his private one is by his side.