Monday, November 5, 2007

Frenchy's Wedding: The Google Aftermath

Since Friday, over 300 Google searches for some incarnation of "Jeff Francoeur / Catie McCoy wedding" have led readers to my site. To that, I say...

I'm sorry. I do not have any information.

I don't have access to Catie's bridal photos. I don't have (or want!) access to the guest list. I don't know if John Schuerholz was there, or if Brian McCann wore a tuxedo. (I'm assuming he did, since he was a groomsman.)

Everything was kept pretty well under wraps until after the ceremony, and I'm glad to hear it. These guys spend half the year being monitored 18 hours a day, 7 days a week...I'd go crazy. Jeff should be able to have his wedding and reception go off without a hitch, as well as a nice, calm honeymoon. If he wants to share photos when he returns, I'll pass those along. :)

Here's the AJC article that I'm sure you've all read by now. Someone caught up with Catie's dad and got the lowdown on a few things from him. I won't make any "GL"-related comments for once. Well, not on the blog. Hee.

Happy wedding, Jeff & Catie!

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