Saturday, November 3, 2007

Two Podcast Interviews with Pete Moylan

Here are two interviews with Peter Moylan by Baseball Radio National, Australia's only dedicated national baseball show.

This one was before the 2007 season:

Some things he mentioned:

  • Back problems -- after hitting for two years and not feeling pain, he tried pitching with the same motion. We all see how well that worked for him!
  • Offseason workout program: swimming, weights, not much running.
  • Talked about his first call-up to the majors – said he was speechless, couldn't "et" a thing. (Accents are awesome.)
  • Originally from Perth.
  • "Every locker seems to have chew in it."
  • "Relievers never pick up a bat."
  • Rookie hazing: he wore a penguin suit from Colorado all the way to Atlanta. Smoltzie and Huddy set it up. Niiiice. I’d love to have seen that.

And this one just aired this weekend:

(Fast forward to time spot 01:02:20 to hear Pete’s portion of the interview)

  • Got back to Australia on Oct 10 – was instructed to start throwing in December.
  • Took some advice from John Smoltz, since Smoltzie threw sidearm as well.
  • May or may not play with the Victorian Aces in the Claxton Shield this year because the Braves would like to have him back for FanFest in January.
  • Doesn’t really see much of what’s online, but his dad does and tells him things occasionally. (Hi, Pete’s dad! We all love your son in Atlanta.)
  • After Wicky was given the boot, Soriano was always going to be the closer before Pete, but Roger McDowell told Pete he’d be next up if Sori needed a day off.
  • Loves “sticking it to the Mets” and loves the city and fans in San Diego.
It's great to hear he made it home safely, and that he’ll be back soon. Next season is looking a little brighter knowing he'll likely be back in a Braves uni!

(Special hat tip to James and Frita -- thanks for sharing my YouTube Video! That was the best thing on the big screen at Turner Field all season. It was bizarre to hear my voice on Aussie radio, though. Heh.)

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