Friday, November 2, 2007

Hollywood for Aussie's rags-to-riches story

This is so awesome. Australia's FOX Sports affiliate is reporting that a movie based on Peter Moylan is in the works...

Moylan's journey from 27-year-old pharmaceutical salesman to playing Major League baseball has sparked Hollywood film industry heavies to open negotiations with his California-based agent on a possible movie.

"My agent is working on it," Moylan said. "I've just got to make sure I go back next year and produce the same consistency I managed last season."

A movie based on the down-to-earth Moylan's extraordinary rise to sporting fame would have an uncanny similarity to the 2002 film The Rookie, which starred Dennis Quaid and Rachel Griffiths.

Link to the full article after the jump: Read more here.

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Marc Lazzeri said...

Would make an awesome movie. I hope it happens.