Sunday, December 16, 2007

Frenchy says, "Don't Be Afraid to Express Your Faith in God"

Frenchy spoke to a church group in Pensacola last Sunday night...

Francoeur, who served as the Spirit of Christmas event guest speaker, shared with the audience his early love for baseball, which began at the age of 13. Two years later, he became a Christian. At age 18, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves.

He made his major league debut when he started in right field against the Chicago Cubs in the second game of a double header on July 2, 2005. In the bottom of the eighth inning, he hit a three-run home run to center field — his first in the majors.

"I was quite fortunate that as young as I was going into the major leagues, I was grounded in good upbringing by my parents," said Francoeur .

"You have got to realize that if you're not grounded, you're going to fail and fall very hard," he said.

Francoeur also told the church gathering about the many temptations that professional athletes face — the women, drugs and alcohol.

"God throws out many trials and tribulations your way," Francoeur said as he paced about the stage. "But you have to remain faithful and honest in maintaining that personal relationship with God.

"Don't be afraid to express your faith in God," Francoeur said.

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I can totally see Frenchy pacing back and forth across the stage while he talks. Actually, I imagine he talks on the phone that way, too...can't stand still.


Crista Michelle said...

Frenchy is one of my christian idols. Joshua 1:9 is a very important verse for me, it helps me get through the day. wtg Frenchy

Hushayouface said...

Jeff, just play baseball.