Friday, January 4, 2008

Braves Catchers: Around the Horn is running a series of previews of each position for each team. The two catchers for the Braves? Brian McCann and Javy Lopez! They're making it sound like the backup job has been handed to Javy, which you'll never hear me complain about.

"Brian has always been a pure hitter," McCann's boyhood friend and current Braves teammate Jeff Francoeur said.
Hee, "boyhood friend". I'm sure Bowman didn't mean it this way, but his choice of words makes their relationship my PawPaw would say, "sweet". Maybe I'm projecting. ;)

"I couldn't ask for a better situation," said Lopez, who has maintained his Atlanta residence and looks forward to the chance of giving his kids a chance to see him play on a regular basis this year.
Delightful. I love Javy. :)

Full article here. And just think, only 41 days until pitchers and catchers report!


Jo said...

41 days until they report and only one week until Fan Fest!

Gabi said...

I got to meet Brian on my birthday (Jan 23). He's my favorite Braves player ever. He's super nice and super tall. I got his autograph too. He's the best.

Lauren T. said...

Hey, that's cool! Do you mind telling us where you met him? (And happy late birthday!) :)