Thursday, January 3, 2008

USA TODAY Sports Weekly's Team 2007

...We selected Team 2007, USA TODAY Sports Weekly's annual 25-man roster of the best players of the past season in their actual roles.

This is not an all-star team but a selection by USA TODAY editors and reporters of a realistic roster, including 2007's best No. 1 starting pitcher, No. 2 starter, No. 3 starter, etc.; a bullpen with each role covered from closer to setup man to long man; a starting lineup; and a complete bench.

Plus, we add a manager, hitting coach and pitching coach to honor jobs well done.
Two Braves made the roster: Peter Moylan and Terry Pendleton!

Right-handed reliever

Peter Moylan, Braves

Moylan, a 28-year-old from Australia who had just 15 major league innings before last season, emerged as a dominant workhorse in the Atlanta bullpen, making 80 appearances and giving up only 65 hits in his 90 innings.

Hitting coach

Terry Pendleton, Braves

Pendleton's name comes up more and more often as a candidate to become a major league manager, but in the meantime he continues to help keep the Atlanta offense near the top of the NL despite having fewer and fewer weapons. Even in a season in which Andruw Jones slumped to .222, the Braves batted .275, tied for second in the NL behind the Rockies. Pendleton continues to get the most out young players such as Kelly Johnson and part-timers such as Matt Diaz.

Read the full article here. It's very interesting!

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