Monday, February 18, 2008

Braves sold on salesman turned pitcher

You know I never turn down an article on my favorite Aussie. Here's the latest from Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports; very little new info, but interesting nonetheless.

He was a salesman. Pest control, security systems, pharmaceutical compounds. Whatever paid the bills. Peter Moylan would wake up at 6 a.m., hit the office by 8, tote his briefcase from place to place, debrief at work and head home. He was 27, good at his job and he really didn't think about the life he left behind.
I won't lie; I'd buy just about anything he was selling. ;)
"He's got as much movement on the ball as I've ever seen," Cox said. "Any pitcher."

Now, Cox managed Greg Maddux for 11 seasons, so to bestow such a plaudit on Moylan carries weight, as does Cox's proclamation that Moylan could close if Rafael Soriano struggles. Catcher Brian McCann called him "one of our MVPs last season."

Long way from the 17-year-old who complained that 8 a.m. workouts were too early.

"For me, honestly, it was all about being able to tell my folks that I wasn't a complete (screw)-up," Moylan said. "In my own head, I knew I had the potential to do what I'm doing right now. No one believed it. They thought I was a young punk. And I was."

Oh, at 29, there's a little of it left in him. Moylan can jabber with the best of his teammates, and he's got a new pet topic.

"I'm waiting for my movie," Moylan said. "Eric Bana can play me. At least he'd get the accent right."

He chuckled. The Incredible Hulk playing him? Why not?

This is Peter Moylan's fantasy, and he's living it every day.
Ooooh, so the movie is getting real talks, huh? I'll definitely support that venture. And Eric Bana! Now he's fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked that artical. Thanks for sharing (:! A Moylan Movie? I'd see it a million times, plus 5000 ;D.