Monday, February 18, 2008

Javy. *sigh*

I have a lot of questions about what Javy expects from his non-roster invitee status, and will just address a couple of articles here until I can find a certain one I'm remembering...

From the AP, via The Canadian Press:

Lopez is content to take on a reduced role.

"I'm happier than ever," he said. "I'm going to be a backup-slash-coach."
With all due respect, where on earth did Javy get THAT idea? I'm fairly certain that Bobby is going to hand him the role, and that the decent Brayan Pena and Clint Sammons will be put off another year or two until Javy either retires or proves his worth to another team.
From the same article...

Greg Maddux, a student in the art of pitching, usually was paired with the backup catcher - whoever that was - during his 11 years with the Braves. While Cox insisted the arrangement had nothing to do with Lopez, it was long suspected that Maddux preferred to work with someone a little more devoted to his work behind the plate.
I knew it!

From the Braves official site:

Some of the women who have adored Lopez throughout his career have already made their way to camp to get a glimpse of him. This hasn't gone unnoticed by All-Star catcher Brian McCann.

"Mac told me he wanted to look like Javy and I said, 'Mac, we have no chance. Even if we were born again, we could not look like that,'" Perez said with his usual smile.
Hee hee. I love it.

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