Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pete Moylan and Tim Hudson kids' press conference from FanFest '08

Thanks so much to reader Crista Michelle for taking this video at Braves FanFest! Tim Hudson and Pete Moylan answered questions from kids there about particular pitches, their favorite colors and foods, and much more. Check it out:

Peter Moylan/ Tim Hudson Braves Fanfest 2008

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RehabReject said...

Wow, that was great! It's like Kids Ask The Darndest Questions..... BRAVES STYLE! haha

Definitely the best one was the kid asking about his Uncle Brant. haha!

Crista Michelle said...

yes the Uncle Brant thing was adorable. but it wasn't the cutest. my camera messed up and i didn't get the whole thing. beforewards there was a kid that asked who huddy's best friend on the braves was and huddy replied "Peter Moylan" and they did this cute little huggy thing. I really was ticked when my camera turned off randomly. and then a little girl asked for a castle huddy said "Alright. Why don't you throw a shrimp on the barbie" or something and Pete shot him an evil look.