Friday, February 1, 2008

Pre-Spring Training: Roger McDowell's Voluntary Camp opened today!

It's not the same as "Camp Leo", but hey, it works for me. Plenty of Braves and Former Braves showed up to Turner Field today to start unofficial workouts, everyone looking happy and relaxed. Tommy Glavine was there, as was Javy Lopez and Chuck James, as well as...

Others at Friday's workout: pitchers James, Peter Moylan, Tyler Yates and Chris Resop, and catcher Clint Sammons. ... John Smoltz is expected in camp next week after returning from the Super Bowl. Braves officials weren't certain if starter Mike Hampton would be in camp, or just continue to throw at his home in Orlando. They said either works for them. ... Outfielders Jeff Francoeur and rookie Brandon Jones took turns in the batting cage with minor leaguer Travis Jones and former Braves center fielder Andruw Jones, who signed with the Dodgers. ... Former Braves lefty Damian Moss also worked out Friday in hopes of landing a minor-league contract.
TIME OUT. WHY were Andruw and Damian Moss there? Andruw has never known anything else...I suppose I kind of understand that one. But Damian Moss? I like him, but we already have an awesome Aussie pitcher. Hmmm...

Oh! Javy alert!
Lopez, 37, is attempting a comeback as McCann's backup after being cut by Colorado during 2007 spring training. He appears in excellent condition, noticeably slimmer than in his 43-homer season with the Braves in 2003, his last in Atlanta.

Defense was lacking in the latter part of Lopez's 12-year career with the Braves. He worked on defense all winter with Braves bench coach Chino Cadahia, and Lopez looked smooth Friday while handling Hudson's nasty breaking pitches.

"I never saw Javy work like this before," Perez said. "This is a different Javy. He's hungry to make the team, hungry to do good. He said he wasted three years of his career. Now he's concentrating on catching instead of thinking only about his hitting."
Sweet. Welcome home, Javy. Glad to have you.

Article here, pictures here. Huddy looks delicious, as usual. And Baby has lost a good bit of weight! He looks nice too. :)

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