Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tattoo update: Pre-Season Workouts

Sometimes I love DOB.

AJC Braves Blog

After the first day of Roger McDowell’s Braves pitching camp at Turner Field, we can say with a great deal of certainty that reliever Peter Moylan has the most heavily tattoed pitching arm in major league baseball.

The good-natured Aussie has lost his mind.

OK, that’s not fair, especially coming from an idiot who has Johnny Cash and Hunter Thompson tattoos.

But really, Moylan has every square inch of his right arm illustrated with ink, after adding a large koi fish tattoo to his inner biceps over the winter — the last significant previously unadorned space he had from wrist to shoulder. I will say, he’s got good work. These aren’t amateur-hour tatts.

If pitchers were permitted to work with uniform sleeves cut at the shoulders, Moylan’s intricate tattoos alone could mesmerize batters into 0-2 counts, where they might be defenseless against the slider he perfected last season.

But anyway ...

Let’s get serious here.
Thanks for telling us what we want to hear, DOB! ;)

Oh, also from the article, and this cracks me up, because I'm 12 today:
Speaking of Frenchy: He’s bigger.
I'm very much looking forward to some GL pics with McFrenchy (™ Jenny), with Baby's "leaner" yogariffic physique and Frenchy's "bigger"...arms.

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