Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Training Fashion Update

From today's DOB blog:

OK, couple things. I failed to mention recently the, uh, unusual ensemble that Tim Hudson wore recently to a road game when he started (it was at Dodgertown). Gray slacks, tight-fitting dress shirt, wraparound shades, square-toed dress shoes, and the piece de resistence: a black belt with a big ol' Harley belt buckle. Clearly, his fashionable wife (she has a law degree, by the way) is not here to dress the man on the road....

Which reminds me. Talking to Kotsay the other day, noticed he had a pair of ultra-hip sneaker with "Death or Glory" on the side along with some avant-garde type design, like a piece of artwork on shoes. They were made with no laces. He mentioned the designer, said he frequents his store in Los Angeles.

They were not what you'd typically see on a white-boy baseball player.

Next day, he had on some very expensive looking black boots. Again, not typical, at least not in the Braves clubhouse, where John Smoltz's golf attire Chipper Jones camouflage hunting hats and Brian McCann's uh, well, everyman wardrobe set the tone.

"I know; I've gotta stop," Kotsay joked. "I've got too much style for this team."

Please don't stop, Kots! We love stories like this.

(And did he seriously say "white-boy"?? Wow. It's not like he's wearing FUBU, Dave.)

More this weekend - I got a fantastic piece of mail today!

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