Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As April wraps up, I don't think we're where most Braves fans would like to see us. The current poll on the AJC Braves page asks, "What worries me more about the Braves is ...". The options are "Their sudden rash of injuries", "Their inability to win close games", and "The starting pitching".

I voted for option #1. The wins will fall in line when everyone's healthy, and I think our starting pitching will be a strength -- again, when everyone's healthy.

A Mets fan on a non-baseball forum I frequent said this yesterday, regarding his weekend: "(saw the Mets kick the Braves' butts all over Shea)". I responded as follows:

NOT fair. We are injured beyond belief right now. *sniff* In the past two weeks, it's looked like this:

• Tim Hudson, SP – flu
• John Smoltz, SP - trapezoid spasms
• Tom Glavine, SP - bleeding in hamstring
• Mike Hampton, SP - strained boob (fine, pectoral muscle)
• Jeff Bennett, SP/RP - flu
• Brian McCann, C - morbid obesity (only half-kidding, I love him, but he's a total fatty right now)
• Yunel Escobar, SS - hit by pitch, bloody fingernail, currently day-to-day
• Chipper Jones, 3B - back spasms
• Jeff Francoeur, RF – ankle
• Mark Kotsay, CF - stiff neck
• Rafael Soriano, RP (Closer) – elbow tendonitis
• Peter Moylan, RP - bone spur in pitching elbow, waiting to hear if he needs Tommy John
That's...almost everyone. Someone drank Jobu's rum, apparently. Give it back, whoever did it, and let's start winning again. :(

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